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Updated 28 January 2000


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Creative Adventure Toolkit (adventure creator) test version 1.0 now available.

CAT is an easy to use text adventure authoring system.

This program will be updated regularly. Any feedback appreciated.

Please delete any previous versions from your hard drive before unzipping the download

CAT program updated 28 January 2000


Download The Creative Adventure Toolkit

( --- 1.2 mb approx)

Requirements: Windows 3.11 ; Windows 95 ; Windows 98 ; 8mb RAM ; 4mb HD space


27 Jan 2000

New version uploaded.

25 Jan 2000

ADDED - Registration details.

ADDED - 'keypress' action and 'logopic' action (enables logopic to be changed during game)

22 Jan 2000

NEW - Bitmap picture previewer on new 'Tools' Menu (Credit: Alyce Watson @ Liberty Basic Newsgroup)

20 Jan 2000

ADDED 'List Connections' menu option on Location Editor. (Handy for printed records of exits)

IMPROVED - Listing of Locations, Objects, Messages now faster. (Blank entries not listed)

18 Jan 2000

ADDED Windows Help File 'Cathelp.hlp' now included to replace txt file (launched by 'help' button)

15 Jan 2000

Uploaded CAT v1.0 test version for testing/feedback/bug reports etc.

14 Jan 2000

Final checks and get final test version of program readied.

UPDATED 'cathelp.txt' instruction document (eventually will be a WINDOWS help file)

13 Jan 2000

NEW Runtime version of CAT ready - enables standalone runnable distributable games!

NEW added 'link', 'picdir' and 'savesdir' actions to allow creation of multi-part games!

12 Jan 2000

With the correction of bugs listed below, it is now possible to write an adventure!

NEW added tooltips to Toolbar buttons (in Win95+ version. credit: Alyce Watson @ Liberty Basic Newsgroup)

ADDED numeric room number indicator on Connections Window

ADDED 'Information' menu option on Character/Object Attributes menu

FIXED bug in Vocabulary Editor on 'Select' buttons

FIXED bug in Response, T1 and T2 Editors occurring if other menu options selected while amending entries

CHANGED Vocabulary Editor 'Select' buttons to 'Amend'

10 Jan 2000

NEW pull-down menu now implemented to Vocabulary Editor

FIXED bug in Object Editor on 'Static Object' option

CHANGED pull-down menu on Intro Editor to remove unnecessary options

CHANGED 'Text' menu on Main Window to read 'Editors' menu

CHANGED Dialog Boxes on Object & Character Attribute Menu Options to be more informative

04 Jan 2000

Program ready for testing/debugging/alterations etc

15 Aug 1999

Began writing program


Short demo game database

Hopefully a wave file previewer

Improved Editors for data entry

Other things....


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